Pharmacology is an important subject in Medical Sciences. Pharmacology deals with various aspects of drugs, in relations to their sources, mode of administration, fate (Metabolism & excretion) action on different systems of body, formulations, doses & adverse effects. This helps a Medical Students to grasp knowledge of medicine & practice medicine in rational manner.
Pharmacology is studied under two headings.

i) General & experimental pharmacology
ii) Systemic pharmacology

In general pharmacology all general aspects are covered like nomenclature of drugs some basic definitions like drug, pharmcotherapeutics, pharmacokinetics, phrmacodynamics etc. Experimental pharmacology is concerned with screening & evaluating the effect of drug by using various experimental models.
Pharmacokinetic includes absorption distribution metabolism & excretion of drug. Phrmacodynamics includes effect of drug on the body like excitation, inhibition etc. Besides that the study of preclinical toxicity as well as clinical trials also studied in general pharmacology.

In systemic pharmacology study of drugs used in various systems is carried out such as

Drugs acting on autonomic nervous system
Drugs acting on Central nervous system
Drugs acting on Cardiovascular system
Drugs acting on gastrointestinal system etc
study of antibiotics and cancer chemotherapy.