The importance of photography in view of teaching presentations, preparation of study material and as a clinical evidence is quite obvious. Taking these needs in consideration, our institute has developed a well equipped Central Photography Unit, which is situated on the 2nd floor of ‘A’ Wing College Building.
The latest technology cameras, computer with editing software, shadow less lamp, spray guns and trained personnel make this unit very competent.
The unit has an Artist, a Modeller and a Photographer. The functions of the unit are:
Designing, scanning and printing of various banners, brochures, certificates, posters and reports for conferences, CMEs and workshops.
Clinical photography
Models Catalogues and charts for museums.
Photography for slides of audio visual teaching aids like PPTs, OHPs etc.
Photography during all the organized
professional and social functions.
Photographs for I.D.cards

The modeller presents a wide variety of models which enables the teaching staff to convert their numerous ideas into effective teaching aids.The type of material used for models are as follows
Clay Models
Plaster of paris models
Fiber models
Rubber casting models
Stone plaster models
Acrylic models