Department of Pathology is having qualified, highly experienced and dedicated teaching staff. The dept is involved in diagnostic and research activities. The dept. runs licensed blood bank which has facilities for component preparation.

Diagnostic services:

The dept is equipped to carry out various hematology, cytology and histopathology investigations. Hematology section has 3 part differential automated cell counter and coulometer. Clinical pathology wing located in hospital performs various hematological tests, urine examination, semen analysis and body fluid examination. Both direct and USG/CT guided FNACs are performed in cytology section along with PAP smear examination. Histopathology section is equipped with fully automated tissue processor and state of art cutting and staining equipments.


The dept is well equipped with specialized equipments necessary for teaching, research and diagnostic services. The dept. has adequate number of class rooms, demo rooms and practical halls for effective teaching. The learning aids like micro projection apparatus, LCD projector are available. The dept has developed museum having large number of specimens with varying pathological lesions listed in colorful informative catalogue.

Academic information: the dept with its energetic staff and state of art infrastructure is ready to carry out lectures, practical’s and subject seminars.

The HOD Dr. Jyotsna V Wader, MBBS &MD Pathology having teaching experience of 27 yrs for UG &15 yrs for PG in KIMS, Karad has 28 publications in national and international journals. She has successfully organized MAPCON 2005 & 2 CMEs, had been faculty in XVII Indo-US international CME & other CMEs was Moderator for the PG Quiz in MAPCON for 3 yrs 2013-2015, shouldered the responsibility of Quality manager of KIMS Diagnostics and achieved NABL accreditation in 2015.

Dr. Mrs. Jyotsna Vijaykumar Wader

Educational qualification:

MBBS, MD, Pathology from Govt. medical college Miraj.

Teaching Experience UG ..27 Yrs ,PG ..15Yrs.

Career profile:

Worked in Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences ,Karad as Professor in the department of Pathology.
Actively involved in Histopathology, Cytology and Hematology reporting.
Involved in UG and PG teaching and planning
Post graduate guide for 8 students
Internal and external examiner for UG and PG examinations
Publications In national and international journals….28 in no.
Remarkable Activities:

Member of organizing committee MAPCON 1992
Joint organizing secretory for MAPCON 2005
Organized 1st Dr. Manjiri Naniwadekar memorial oration,2012
Organized 3rd Dr. Manjiri Naniwadekar memorial oration and CME ,2014
Organized and faculty for Pathology CME, 2014
Faculty XVII Indo-US international CME 2012,Dehradun,2012
Moderator of PG quiz in MAPCON 2013,Jalgaon,
MAPCON 2014,Nashik
MAPCON 2015, Pune
As Quality manager of KIMS Diagnostics, instrumental in achieving NABL accreditation in 2015.